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We are qualified installers of a wide range of self-made blinds in Livorno.

Our solutions


Avvolgibili Eredi di MacchiniNilo has been present in the sector for over fifty years with versatile, practical and functional solutions. Our production includes classic, PVC and aluminum shutters, as well as roll-up models in steel and insulated aluminium. Quality is for us the first goal to be achieved. For this reason, we offer shutters of the highest level that ensure high performance in the long run and maximum thermal comfort inside the spaces, allowing to avoid heat los s
tapparelle Livorno



Our insulated steel and aluminium solutions ensure perfect light filtering and long life. They are functional, efficient and safe. The strength of the steel guarantees maximum protection against intrusion attempts. The aluminium solutions resist atmospheric agents and stand out for the optimal relationship between quality and price. Thanks to the versatility of the material, our aluminiumblinds can be integrated into any context and adapt to any shape and design.



Among the most requested solutions, the aluminum blinds allow to obtain remarkable results of aesthetic impact and resistance over time. Due to its flexibility, the material is very flexible and easy to process, as well as light and wear-resistant. The inclined slat structure, moreover, allows to direct the passage of light and to protect indoor spaces from atmospheric agents, in any climatic condition. Contact us now to request a personalized quote and to define together with our staff the solution, which is most in line with your needs.